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About LSK

Products from practice

Hi there!

I am Els, 46 years old and since 2016 manager of LSK massage and pedicure in Niel and since 2020 manager of LSK Cosmetics ('elske'), a webshop that offers products used in the salon.

Made in Europe

In my pedicure and massage salon I use Belgian or German products.


ProNails is known for its exclusive nail care, far abroad. The well-known and large web shops also offer these products, but do you like to shop eco-consciously and do you live in Belgium of Western Europe? Then you have come to the right place in this webshop!

As a pedicurist, I am very satisfied with Gehwol products. If you have any questions about the products or if it is difficult to choose the right cream, send an email to , describe your problem and I will suggest some products.


Since 2023 I added some clothing items and accessories, all made in Europe. My vision is to make the consumption of cosmetics and clothing as eco-friendly as possible: short chains, using alternative shipping methods such as Homerr. The packaging of your orders and filling materials are recycled.

The ProNails nail polishes are made in Belgium, the clothing in Italy or Spain and the jewelry is made in the Netherlands or by myself.

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